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Katim extruded aluminum modular system allows you to effortlessly define manufacturing, warehouse and office spaces. These stylised office partitions and workstations are easy to assemble and disassemble, which provides you with a lasting investment and an adaptable layout. Depending on how your business will evolve, our division panels, Plexiglas windows and aluminum structures can be rearranged at your convenience in future installations to create new workspaces.


Our modular divisions are designed to be entirely reconfigurable. Available in various colours, our extrusions and panels can be modified quickly and easily with a variety of Katim components: shelves, countertops, workstations, display walls, windows, gates, guards and security zones.


We will assist you throughout the process of selecting modular divisions in manufacturing, warehouse or office settings. After a brief consultation to better seize your needs in terms of work spaces, our technicians perform measurements efficiently, in line with your objectives. According to your needs, we then perform a 2D or 3D design of the modular system. Our team will then take the process to manufacturing with the breakdown of the components and first assembly of the structure. The test product is then delivered with user-friendly assembly instructions. From now on, your employees can benefit from esthetic and personalised work divisions. These work spaces allow for better social cohesion, an efficient layout, and further discretion to maximise productivity.

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Our safety guards are installed according to CSST garde sécurité 's requirements